Thursday, March 18, 2010

13 Special Days

13 Favorite Holidays or Special Days

1.  CHRISTMAS - My Savior's birthday and my favorite of them all! Although I've found it just isn't the same as when I was little. Why is that? 

2.  JULY 4th - PROUD to be an American! My favorite president is RONALD REAGAN. I wrote him a letter when I was in 5th grade and he took the time to write me back!! He even signed it himself and no one can tell me ANY different!

3.  EASTER - Many childhood memories, which began with getting up at the crack of dawn for sunrise services then on to church for breakfast. (Although, I never remember actually eating breakfast, but rather sitting with my friends on the church curb waiting for the one stoplight in town to stop flashing. Ahh, the little things!) After the stoplight would come on, it was time to rush home and change into my new Sunday dress. (Some years, with a little luck, I'd even have time to open my Easter basket before church!) Easter Sunday also meant giving 30 pieces of silver to God. (This was to represent the 30 pieces of silver Judas Iscariot was paid to betray Jesus.) After church my mom always fixed a HUGE lunch for our family then we'd color and hide eggs. How I miss those days!

4.  THANKSGIVING - RAT HUNTING! That's right, RAT HUNTING! Although, I must admit, this was not something I grew up with. No, it wasn't until after I became part of the "Spore clan" that I was blessed with such a tradition. After becoming a Spore myself in 1991, we'd spend each Thanksgiving at my husband's grandparents farm in Newkirk, Oklahoma. It was here, I learned the art of hunting rats! To my surprise, all you needed was a bunch of men and lil' boys, a tractor to lift the brush piles up and a big ole' stick to wallop the rats on the head when they came dartin' out! WHOoo-EEEeee! You never truly lived until ya got yourself that first mangy rat! Can't say I ever participated, but I did ride the tractor with G-Paw a time or two. That there was enough excitement for this city girl! Anyone else out there had the privilege of hunting them there rats?

5.  HALLOWEEN - WAS, I repeat WAS a favorite of mine. I use to love to dress up my boys each year. My oldest, Logan, was once a blue LEGO! I'm not talking a mini size lego, but a HUGE gigantic lego! He was SO big, we had to take him around in the bed of our truck trick-or-treating because he wouldn't fit inside! Another year, my middle son, Ethan was a "Cereal Killer" with boxes of cereal, knives, and blood all over him (not one of mom's favorites). All this was fine and dandy until October of 1998 when Ethan, then 4 years old, was diagnosed with Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. Now, I can honestly say I H-A-T-E it! Mind you, I rarely use the wore "hate." As I always told my students, "Hate is a STRONG word!" But in this case, I reserve the right to use it! H-A-T-E

6.  BIRTHDAYS - I "use" to love celebrating my birthday. Every year, for 18 years PLUS, my mom would bake me a cake. She always made sure each year was special for me. However, with the big 4-0 around the corner... I'm not as excited as I use to be! I do, however, LOVE to celebrate the birthdays of my three wonderful boys! This year we will be celebrating 18, 16, and 13. A hard year indeed, as they are growing up, but thankful they are with me everyday!

7.  My BAPTISM - October 1, 1978. The day I was immersed and committed my life to Jesus. It wasn't until I was in my 20's, however, that I actually understood WHY I believed what I was TOLD to believe all those years growing up. It was then I felt Jesus come into my heart.

8.  D DAY - November 2, 1998. Ethan, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. (No, I haven't lost it, although I've asked myself the same thing a time or two.) We celebrate this day because we are thankful that Ethan has SURVIVED yet another year with this deadly disease without complications. We are thankful for the new and upcoming technologies that make his life easier. Yet, we still pray and yearn for a cure! 

9.  D DAY II - May 31, 2005. Caleb, our baby, was also diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Just when we didn't think we could take anymore.... God saw different. And again, five years later, we are SO very thankful Caleb is still fighting and not letting his life be controlled by this deadly disease. 

10.  DATE DAY - April 27, 1989 Dating anniversary to my high school sweetheart. Who would've thought after all this time, we'd still be together?

11.  WEDDING DAY - July 27, 1991 Wedding anniversary to the love of my life! The same guy as above :) Thank you for changing my world!

12.  SURVIVAL DAY - September 19, 1993 The day God spared my fathers life, after a drunk driver hit him head on, traveling at speeds close to 90 +/- an hour! My father is still with us today at the ripe old age of 75!

13.  TBD - What's yours???? 

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Melissa Mashburn said...

I enjoyed that. What a nice list.

i beati said...

My favorite I believe is Thanksgiving. I'm thankful always but Thanksgiving makes it a special time of thanks so quiet and reflective then..

Tracie said...

What a great list!! I can honestly say I have never been rat hunting before, but I might agree to a ride on the tractor =)

I love that you are able to take those diagnosis days and turn them into a reason to remember to praise Jesus! That is awesome!

I am Harriet said...

That's a lot to be happy about :)

Have a great Thursday!

Americanising Desi said...

i so want my wedding day holiday!

Upcoming and Awaited

jehara said...

My favorite is still Halloween. And I am a big believer in birthdays-my own and other people's. :)

Adelle Laudan said...

Very kewl list. I have and always will love Christmas the most. It is one of the few times I have my children all together with me.

Happy T13!

Laura said...

Wow it's amazing that you celebrate those tough days and trust that God is in control!! My favorites are Thanksgiving and Easter!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!