Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday 13!!!

Thursday 13 is a weekly meme with a simple theme: each Thursday you blog a list of 13 things. What kind of things? Any kind! Just come up with a list theme and run with it. So here it goes....... my first ever Thursday 13 (with only an hour left before it's Friday...ha!)


My youngest has a middle school dance tomorrow night. Thus, my theme: Middle School Dances....ugh!

1. No one wants to be the first one at the dance, yet the dance would never start if SOMEONE didn't show up first!

2. The boys, for the most part, are still bunched up on one side of the room like a herd of cows waiting on a storm to pass.

3. The girls on the other hand, are either on the dance floor shaking their tail feathers or gathered in a swarm chatting away.

4. Slow songs at a middle school dance? Are they really necessary? (This of course coming from a mother of a 12 year old son who is sure he doesn't need to be dancing with any other females than his mama! )

5. The girls bathroom.....still the place to run and cry when "Mr. Wonderful" asks your best friend to dance and not you.

6. The classic middle school dance form hasn’t changed at all, with the girl’s hands on the boy’s shoulders, and his hands around her waist. The couple then steps side to side or around in circles, usually out of time to the song. O how I wish this would last in the years soon to come!

7. What to wear to a middle school dance? How about what NOT to wear? 

8. Food... a must at every middle school function!

9. Please tell me that's not a TEACHER I see out there!!??!?! 

10. I thought MUSIC was suppose to be played at dances... what is this stuff they're playing now-a-days????

11. Bouncers at a middle school dance? Are you kidding me?

12. No other night brings out so much of the "He said" "She said" as a night on the dance floor.

13. It wouldn't be a dance without "Y.M.C.A." although I still prefer "The Bird" by the Time Machine. Think I'll stop there. Good thing I hit 13!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wait For The Lord


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I don't know about you, but "wait" is not a word in my vocabulary! Neither are; pause, rest, delay, stand by, or hold everything!!!!! Are you kidding me? I don't have the TIME or the PATIENCE for any of those things! Yet, the Lord instructs me to WAIT for him.

"Lord, come on. Give me a break! You know I'm not good at this stuff! Why not ask me to "go, go, go" or "move it, move it, move it!" That's what I know! That's what I'm use to! That is my life! Yet, instead, I've hit a ROAD BLOCK and all you can say is, "WAIT for me? UGH!" 

As I studied this verse closer, I found that "wait for" focuses on the sense of expectation one has. When one "waits on the Lord," a person is dependent upon that person or something that the person will do.
"Lord you want me to be dependent upon you? That would mean trusting in you.. completely... I do that already Lord, well.....for the most part. I believe in you too so there has to be more."

And indeed there is. When we "wait for" the Lord, we find ourselves looking to Him for some specific need. We are expecting him to help us out with that special need. We do not have CONTROL over the circumstances. We give him EVERYTHING!

"But...but, Lord? That would mean opening myself up and giving you complete control of my life. That scares me Lord! What if I don't like the outcome or what if I get hurt in the process or what if......." and then the words of the Lord fall upon me like a glistening star falling from the sky...

"I am the Lord your God. I always have your best interest at heart lil' one. Be strong and take heart and wait for me!"

Calmness and peace envelop me as I not only hear but feel the Lord's love for me! Now, I press on, as I "wait for" (isn't that an oxymoron?) God in any and all roadblocks of life! For I know that it is not only biblical, but a necessary part of the Christian life. It is an active display of faith in God during impossible situations!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I'mmmmmm Baaaccckkkk!!!

Welcome back friends! It's been toooo long! As of a year ago, I was running two blogs; The Spore Family Blog and Lil' Bit That.. Lil' Bit This. After much contemplating, I've decided to combine the two into one. I'm currently working on improving the look of the blog, so please be patient during this transition time.

I've also started a new project at "Off And Running!" I hope you'll drop in for a visit soon. I welcome your feedback, so leave a comment and let me know you were there!

With that being said, I'll be checking in again soon to catch everyone up on the past year's worth of "Spore family drama!"

Until then... WeLcOmE bAcK and God bless!!!